Cristina Pujol - Photographer and mother

Cristina Pujol - Photographer and mother
We at A MONDAY have been able to get to know and collaborate with the amazing photographer and mother, Cristina Pujol. We love her work and think you should get to know her too. 
Christinas youngest daughter, Ainet, wearing fabelona skirt.

I am Cristina mother, a master designer and striped swimsuit photographer. I started to feel like I needed to take pictures when I was pregnant with my first daughter, the transformation of the body to conceive life seemed brutal to me, it made me want to document it in a graphic, creative and artistic way. Today I have two daughters and I photograph the children of many others aswell. I live in a village near Barcelona with my little family: Gifré, my husband and my two daughters, Irina, 5 and Ainet, 4. Motherhood has transformed me on all levels, creating a revolution in me. Beginning to end, the great infinite learning of life.
Photography brings me closer to the essence and soul of people. I like to tell stories through images that you can look at over and over again. Turn a little moment into an eternal one. I enjoy photographing my family, having a piece of them and being able to freeze a moment so sweet, short, beautiful and intense that it is childhood. They are my engine and my inspiration. We try to make our philosophy “less is more” in a society where everything is going faster and faster and where it seems like we need a lot of things to have an enjoyable live, we try to have a simple and full life. We like the mountains, the forest and generally being surrounded by nature. We like taking walks with the family, eating pancakes and homemade pizza on Fridays. We love going to the river or the sea in the winter and putting our toes in the ice cold water. We live in a beautiful environment that allows me to look for scenarios for my sessions and that makes me happy. Being able to do what I love and to be with family is the best gift I could ever receive, so I can only say thank you life. 
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