A MONDAY in Copenhagen is designed in Copenhagen and made with love and respect for little people who dare to wear.

The brand was founded in 2018 and the name reflects the name of the founder Anne Katrine Montag. A from Anne and MONDAY from her family name Montag (Monday in German). Copenhagen is wonderful. This is why it had to be a part of the name. The city means a lot to us and our design philosophy. Copenhagen is a kids-friendly city with lots of experiences that awaken the senses in kids of all ages. It is a metropol of amazing and inspiring cultures and a harmonic symphony of beautiful colors, trends and traditions.

Anne Katrine Montag has been working for several years in kidswear and wanted with A MONDAY in Copenhagen to create a timeless kidswear brand with the philosophy of being wearable, fashionable and eco-friendly.We love kids and the collections are made out of the emotions and feelings of what’s around us in everyday life. The collections are inspired by elements from nature and urban culture with a simple and exclusive look that lend kids their own personal style.

Every single collection is based on elements from fashion, new trends, functionality, movement and a careful defined colour universe that makes A MONDAY in Copenhagen something special.

We aim to make affordable everyday luxury wear. Our style is unique and with details that makes the whole difference. It’s important to us that the clothes have a comfortable feel and we aim to be a brand that kids choose themselves as well.

The clothes are produced in high quality fabrics by having the kids and the environment in focus.The collections are primarily based on materials that are 100% organic or OEKO-TEX® certified.

Enjoy A MONDAY in Copenhagen.