A girl's room in Poznań, Poland

A girl's room in Poznań, Poland

Monica Gadzala from Poznań in Poland started her adventure with photography when her child Lili, her beloved daughter, was born. "She has always been my greatest source of inspiration", Monica tells with pride in her voice.



The beauty of maternity opened the infinities sources of Monica's creativity. "Because of her hair, laugh, and child’s fantasy, everything was for me the source of inspiration for my photo sessions. It was a start of my adventure that became both my passion and profession", says the proud mother.

The most important for Monica is that the models feels natural even in some arranged situation. The sincerity is the most important, because this is a guarantee of the best effects.

"I love to do sessions with fashion kids, because at the moment of creating the stylisation I feel that I can use all my artistic power. Firstly, I have a look at the clothes and then the process is running. I can see in my mind the whole process of creation and scenisation." Monica says.

Monica is often inspired by cultural artefacts such as modern art, music and film, but once in a while she also find inspiration in an old shabby wall or even a simple stain.

Enjoy the lovely work between mother and her beloved daughter.


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