Mini Students in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Mini Students in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Christine Reehorst lives in Dordrecht, a beautiful city in the Netherlands. Christine works as a freelance photographer and stylist.

A Monday afternoon in April, she went to the local school to capture these lovely mini students with her camera.


Christine works with many different sorts of projects, but working on kids shoots is something she probably enjoy the most. "Kids are so pure and I love trying to capture that in my shoots", she says.

For this particular shoot Christine dressed her friends kids in some great outfits from the AMIC spring/summer 2020 "FRUIT FESTIVAL" collection and went to school for playtime, soft drinks and tasty cookies a Monday afternoon in April.

"A relaxed environment like that tends to help make the kids feel at ease up to the point where they barely notice I'm there with my camera", Christine points out. 


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