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At A MONDAY in Copenhagen. ( (designated as “A MONDAY in Copenhagen.” or “we”) continuously prioritize data security and confidentially.
The personal data policy establishes clear guidelines for A MONDAY in Copenhagen to comply with, when processing personal information. In the following we account for how we use the personal information you leave and/or give when visiting our Website and using our various services.
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You will always be informed in connection with the collection of personal data concerning you. The personal information we collect may include your name, email address, home address, phone number, and similar information, as well as information concerning online purchases and your traffic on site.
When releasing personal information, you will be notified whether the release of information is voluntary or necessary for a certain action, such as completing an online purchase. 
The collection of personal information may happen in the following cases:
  • When making purchases online at
  • When subscribing to our newsletter
  • When creating an account at
  • When signing up for our customer club or loyalty club
  • When participating in one of our contests
Even though you use your email address in more than one case, your information will only be stored and registered at one location. Your information may be reused should you make a purchase from us again, and you avoid receiving the same advertising repeatedly.
Personal information is collected and used for the following purposes:
  • Confirming orders from our webshop
  • Subscribing to our newsletter
  • Administration of our customer club and loyalty club
  • Administration of personal accounts / profiles
  • Participation in contests or other events
  • The mailing of marketing material, including event invitations and the awarding of promotional vouchers
  • The collection and evaluation of user reviews
  • Overview of previous purchases
  • Statistics
  • Additional marketing actions
We note that the use of your personal information for the sharing of marketing material will only take place if you have previously given your explicit consent unless the law allows us to contact you without your prior consent. monitors which parts of the site our users visit, and which products are the users' favorites, this data does not contain personal information. With the help of the collected data, knowledge of users' use of the Website is gained. This information is used to improve the Website. we collect data from all of our users' navigation in order to understand how our users as a whole use, and how we may improve the webpage accordingly. We cannot see which Websites you have previously visited or will visit when accessing our site. In addition, we collect information about which products our users, as a whole group, prefer. This information is also used to improve the site. We do not sell or otherwise disclose information about our users' use and navigation of our Website. Lastly, we do not sell or disclose your order information to third parties.
Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties without your permission. However, by law it may be necessary to disclose information to public authorities or the police under certain circumstances. For example, information may be disclosed to the police in case of suspicion of credit card fraud.
Information for use in delivery of goods is transferred to the carrier company used by Likewise, your personal information is transferred to partners who provide services for, for instance, in connection with the mailing of newsletters. These partners only process the personal information on behalf of, and in accordance with our instructions.
Your personal information is transferred to the United States. The Commission has decided that the level of protection is sufficient as it is stored on servers certified by the Privacy Shield regime.
We will delete your personal information when we no longer need to process them for the fulfillment of one or more of the purposes set out in section 3. However, the information may be processed and stored in anonymous form.
We use cookies on our Website. You can read more about the use of cookies in our Cookie Policy, which you can find below in section 3.
We have implemented security measures to ensure that our internal procedures comply with our high security standards. We therefore strive to protect the integrity of your personal information as best as possible.

You are entitled at any time to gain insight in the information we store concerning you, however, with certain statutory exceptions. You also have the right to object to the collection and against the further processing of your personal information (including profiling/automated decisions). You also have the right to correct, delete or block your personal information in accordance with applicable rules. You also have the right to obtain information about yourself that you have given us and to transfer this information to another data controller (data portability).
You may revoke any consent you may have given at any time. We will then delete your information unless we can continue processing on another basis. If you wish to revoke your consent, please contact us at or +45 3137 1200.
Our Website may contain links to other Websites or to integrated Websites. We are not responsible for the content of other companies' Websites or their practices in collecting personal information. When you visit other Websites, we encourage you to read the proprietor's privacy policy and other relevant policies.
If you wish to update, change or delete your stored personal information, wish to access your stored personal information or if you have questions concerning the guidelines above, please contact us on or +45 3137 1200.
You can also reach us at the following address:
A MONDAY in Copenhagen
Skovvej 8
DK-2950 Vedbæk
Att. Head of GDPR
If you wish to file a complaint against the processing of your personal information, please contact us by e-mail, telephone or letter as indicated in section. 13 above. You can also contact the Danish Data Inspectorate, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Personal data is all kinds of information that may be attributed to you to some extent. When using our Website, we collect and process such information. This happens when accessing content, if you sign up for our newsletter, participate in contests or surveys, register an account, and other use of services or purchases made through the Website.
We typically collect and process the following types of information: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographic location, and which pages you click on (interests). Assuming you give your explicit consent, the following information is also processed: Name, phone number, e-mail, address, and payment information. This will typically be associated with the registration of an account or purchase.
We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that your information is not accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, impaired or divulged to foreign parties, misused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.
The information is used to identify you as a user and display the ads that will most likely be of relevance to you, to register your purchases and payments, as well as to deliver the services you have requested, such as the mailing of newsletters. Additionally, we use the information to optimize our site and services.
The information is kept for the time allowed according to the law, and we delete them when they are no longer necessary. The period depends on the nature of the information and the background for storage. Therefore, it is not possible to specify a general timeframe for when information is deleted.
Data concerning your use of the Website, which ads you receive and, if any, click on, geographic location, gender and age segment, etc. will be disclosed to third parties to the extent that this information is known. You can see which third parties this may be in the "Cookies" section. The information is used to target advertising.
In addition, we use a number of third parties to store and process data. These parties only deal with information on our behalf, and they will not use the information for their own purposes. Not to be confused with third party cookies. Examples of third parties include carriers and web platform providers.
Disclosure of personal information such as name and e-mail, etc. will only happen if you give your explicit consent. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.
You are entitled to know what personal information we are processing about you. You may also object to the use of information at any time. You may also revoke your consent to processing information about you. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you are entitled to correct or delete said incorrect information. Please contact: If you would like to complain about our processing of your personal information, alternatively you also have the opportunity to contact the Danish Data Inspectorate.
This Website is owned and published by:
Skovvej 8
DK-2950 Vedbæk
Phone: +45 3137 1200
CVR: 39134977
When visiting our Website, we collect information about you which is used to improve our content, services, and to increase yield from ads displayed on the site. If you do not wish to accept the collection of information, you should delete your cookies and avoid further use of the Website. Below we elaborate which pieces of information are stored, their purpose, and which third-parties have access to the information.
This Website utilizes “cookies”, small files stored on your computer, mobile or any similar device, with the purpose of recognizing visitors and their on-site settings, monitoring web-traffic, targeting ads, and optimizing site usability and services. Cookies cannot contain malicious code such as viruses.
It is possible to delete or block cookies. If you delete or block cookies the advertisements displayed on-site will not be targeted at you and will appear more frequently. Additionally, you risk the site not functioning as intended, while some content may be inaccessible to you.
The collection and storage of information on fulfills the terms and conditions of current legislature. Whenever personal information is processed by, the processing of said information happens in accordance with personal data protection regulation.
Information from the Website will not be disclosed or sold. 
Cookies may also be collected by foreign parties not displayed in the web address (URL). Cookies may be collected from regular content, analytical tools, or integrated comment-sections amongst others. This means that cookies are collected by other parties than the owners of the domain.
List of typical third parties
The processing of cookies carried out by third parties is not subjected to our inspection or control and is solely a matter between you and the third party.
Some cookies are only stored on the user’s computer for the duration of the browsing session (session-cookies). Other cookies are stored for longer periods (persistent cookies). When the user revisits the Website, session-cookies will be recollected while persistent cookies may be renewed.
We use cookies to track site usage in an effort to simplify and improve your experience. Additionally, we use cookies to confirm orders from our webshop. We use cookies for marketing and retargeting as well. We do this in order to show relevant and targeted ads to the users. 
Statistical information is anonymous and cannot be retraced to named users.
All Danish Websites are required to inform which cookies are stored on the user’s terminal. The information must be in accordance with the Danish “Notice of information and consent for the storage and access of information in end-user terminal equipment”.
Cookie Guidelines:

For additional information on how we process your personal information, please read our personal data policy.
If you have any further questions concerning our cookie policy, please contact 
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