A MONDAY in Copenhagen X Sustainability

We care at A MONDAY in Copenhagen
 From the beginning of this journey from when A MONDAY in Copenhagen came to life in 2018, it has been very important to us that we try to miner the footprint we are leaving behind and to be able to make the future better for our kids. We therefore aim to be as sustainable as possible, so we contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry, and we can always do better....

This is how we work

 We choose our suppliers carefully. First, our suppliers must be GOTS-certified and BSCI certified, so they reach the standards. We work very close together with our suppliers and we visit their factories a couple of times a year and they also visit us, which is important for a trusted and long-term relationship. This is also to ensure that they keep our code of conduct and knowing how the clothes are being produced. The suppliers knows that it’s important for a long-term relationship that the workers are treated right and with the respect they deserve.

We try to use organic cotton and sustainable fabrics in all our collections

We try to work with more sustainable qualities, such as lyocell and recycled polyester etc.

We use high quality in our garments so they can last longer and be handed down through generations

The collections are designed both in colors and styles, so they can be mixed and matched to former collections, which makes each garment last longer.

As a small company we are only producing 2 collections a year.

We do not overproduce, and we only produce by order, so the stock is very limited.

This means that we do not have a lot of materials and overstock in order to limit the waste.

We try to use packaging which is recycled and sustainable.

We are trying to improve all the time and we will continue to stay educated on this important matter to continue to be more and more sustainable for the future to achieve our goals to the above mentioned.